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Six settlement plot measuring 7325 Sq-mts

settlement plot measuring 7325 sqmts with view over looking hill and beautiful green fields with river flowing in between hill and field. Located in scenic Village Thivim near Panchayat office in North Goa.

Price: 4.20 Crore(s)

Area: 73200 Sq-Ft

Phone: +91 73502 42911

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3 BHK spacious villa

This exquisite villa measures a built-up area of 203.62 sq. mts. in Colva, South Goa

Price: 1.50 Crore(s)

Area: 2030 Sq-Ft

Phone: +91 73502 42911

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1. What is the time limit for registration of a document?

Within four months from the signing of a document by the parties.

2. Can one register after 4 months after signing of the document?

Yes, but on payment of a fine and by applying through an application to get the delay condoned hereto over the next 4 months. The fine payable ranges from 2.5 to 10 times the proper registration fees. A part of this fine amount could be refunded, on deserving grounds (A special provisions exists for the next 4 months).

3. Who can present and later collect a document?

Only the parties actually signing or claiming rights under a document, their Power of Attorney holder or their legal representative can present or sign a document. The document is later registered and returned only to the said presenter or to his nominee. Presentation can be done by only one person. 

Any third party, however can apply for a certified copy of the document vide an application and after paying the requisite fees.

4. Are there special rules about such Power of Attorney?

In India, where the Registration Act, 1908, is in force, the Power of Attorney should be authenticated by a Sub Registrar only, (whenever a person signs the document and his attorney presents/ admits executes). In other areas, attestation should be by a Notary or diplomatic agents.

In case an attorney under a valid Power of Attorney himself signs a document, he may as executing party present/admit execution of a document though it is attested by a Notary, unless the text of the power specifically excludes such powers.

 A Power of Attorney executed in a foreign land, should be stamped by the Collector within prescribed time of 3 months after its receipt in India.

5. From whom should I get a document drafted?

A party may choose his own person, whether a Lawyer or a non legal person, to get drafted his document. However, it is desirable to get document drafted only through Lawyers that one has personal positive references of, since any defect remaining in your document due to ignorance/mistake of law on the part of a non legal person, could involve you in costly litigations later or even loss of property.

Only a Sub-Registrar is authorized to register a Sale Document or Sale Agreement, as per the prevailing rules.  A Notary Public can only authenticate the signatures of the parties that are signatories to the document.  A Notary Public has no authority to register a document.

6. How to get an appointment with Sub-Registrar for presenting a document?

The Registration Act 1908 does not lay down taking any advance appointments to present a document and normally any Registrar is expected to accept documents on the spot. But due to simultaneous voluminous work in other designations held by him, taking advance appointment is always desirable.

In any case, the appointment would normally be given by the office, if not on the same day, then positively within the next two days.

7. What needs to be done if the Officer does not keep appointment on the day marked but calls later frequently?

Registration of documents is only one of the several functions discharged by a Sub-Registrar and sometimes it is possible that in view of other formalities, registration is delayed. In such cases, you may request the Sub-Registrar to give you a specific appointment. Under the Registration Act 1908, a Sub Registrar cannot decline to accept a document except on the ground that the document relates to properties outside the area of his jurisdiction. When he refuses, law requires that he/she should record the same, in the Day Book, record that refusal in the Book II of Refusals and then give you a copy of reasons for refusal without charging any extra fees. An appeal can be made to District Registrar against the refusal.

Note:    In case the refusal is legitimate and is upheld, only half the fees collected by the Sub-Registrar could be refunded to the party. So, consider carefully the advice of the Sub-Registrar before insisting on official refusal.

8. Are there special fees for fixing an appointment with the Sub-Registrar?

There is absolutely no fee charged for giving an appointment. Please discourage any self styled middleman (who could be even respectable professionals), offering to secure appointments for some price. Insist on receipt for any money paid. Absence of receipt may be an indication about the office not being aware of your work at all.

Models of several applications are required to be displayed at the Notice Boards of the offices of the Sub-Registrars. Certificates should be applied for sufficiently in advance, since the same involve search. Depending on the work in particular offices, it normally takes between 3 to 15 days from the date of application.